- In the sun -

Spring is here !

Le jaune est de ces couleurs qui nous rappellent que la vie est plus belle quand elle s’anime sous un rayon de soleil. Matinées claires et mélodieuses, fleurs qui bourgeonnent et font le plein de vitamine D.

Gazing out from our windows we can spot spring in all of its splendor popping up wherever we lay our eyes.

In gratitude for this amazing spectacle we wanted to dedicate a bit of our collection to the season.

Somewhere in between the sky and ground, in between natural shadows and shadesw away from it all we take a break from the city bustle to breathe.

Wait a moment, please.

L'heure du repli a sonné.

Even our yellow decides to take a breather resting on the steps and the ground as it observes the symphony of colors and shades, the spectacle of the sun as it moves.

One cloudless afternoon of sunshine watching the sun rays waltz across the sky and time slows down, as so we, as we breathe in the rays.